Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Title Description Address
Witching Hour Bar (has a small pop up kitchen most weekends!) 1312 Decatur St Store 1 (corner of Decatur & Knickerbocker)
Halsey Ale House Bar & Restaurant 1204 Halsey St
Tikal Cafe Restaurant 1312 Decatur St Store 2 (Knickerbocker btwn Cooper & Decatur)
Bushwick Taco Restaurant 839 Knickerbocker Ave
No.1 Restaurant Chinese Takeout Restaurant 824 Knickerbocker Ave
Bricklyn Pizzeria Restaurant 1240 Hancock St
Beijing House Chinese Restaurant Restaurant 553 Wilson Ave
Jimmy's Pizzeria Restaurant 561 Wilson Ave
Barchaa Latin Fusion Cuisine Restaurant 567 Wilson Ave
Money Cat Vietnamese American Restaurant 554 Wilson Ave
Father Knows Best Restaurant / Cafe / Bar 611A Wilson Ave
Empire Taco - New Chinese & Mexican Food Restaurant 617 Wilson Ave
Texas Chicken & Grill Restaurant 639 Wilson Ave
General Irving Cafe 1210 Halsey St
Cafe Pri Cafe - COMING SOON!!! 627 Wilson Ave
Xoco-latte Latin Cafe - COMING SOON!!! 513 Wilson Ave
Purgatory Live Music Venue & Bar 675 Central Ave
Protection Spell (Vintage & Specialty Items) Clothing & Accessories 1312 Decatur St Store 3 (on Knickerbocker between Cooper & Decatur)
Natalie Fashion Clothing & Accessories 845 Knickerbocker Ave
Jessica Fashion Boutic Clothing & Accessories 561 Wilson Ave
Barbers "R" Us #2 Barber Shop 845 Knickerbocker Ave
El Flaco Barber Shop Barber Shop 534 Wilson Ave
Barber Shop Barber Shop 572 Wilson Ave
D'Ellas Unisex Salon Dominican Style Hair Salon 256 Schaefer St
Yuderka Hair Stylist Hair Salon 557 Wilson Ave
Laugh Live Love with Liquor & Wine Wine & Liquor Store 879 Knickerbocker Ave
Boardwalk Wine and Spirits Wine & Liquor Store 1195 Halsey St
D&J Wine & Liquors Wine & Liquor Store 599 Wilson Ave
Laundromat Laundromat 865 Knickerbocker Ave
Laundromat Laundromat 569 Wilson Ave
Laundry Laundromat 591 Wilson Ave
Interboro Laundromat Corp. Laundromat 661 Central Ave
Ultimate Gym Bushwick Muay Thai Boxing Gym / Self Defense / Fitness 863 Knickerbocker Ave
Puebla Home Deli Deli w/ Traditional Mexican Food 545 Central Ave
Moffat Bodega Inc. Deli Grocery Deli & Small Grocery 684 Central Ave
Money Mini Market Inc. Deli & Small Grocery 847 Knickerbocker Ave
Frutera Deli & Small Grocery 837 Knickerbocker Ave
Covert Food Corp. Deli & Small Grocery 830 Knickerbocker Ave
Estevez Deli Corp. Deli & Small Grocery 804 Knickerbocker Ave
H&M Deli Grocery Deli & Small Grocery 532 Wilson Ave
Eldert Food Market Corp. Deli & Small Grocery 233 Eldert St
Forest Mini Market Organic Deli & Small Grocery 562 Wilson Ave
Denny Food Market Deli & Small Grocery 574 Wilson Ave
Wilson Ave Deli Corp Deli & Small Grocery 597 Wilson Ave
Daylen Deli & Grocery Deli & Small Grocery 609 Wilson Ave
Wilson Food Market Deli & Small Grocery 625 Wilson Ave
Stop One Supermarket Deli & Small Grocery 624 Wilson Ave
Firehouse 2 Deli Grocery Deli & Small Grocery 644 Wilson Ave
Cherry Grocery Deli & Small Grocery 556 Central Ave
Sam Detox Deli & Grill Deli & Small Grocery 1144 Halsey St
J&I Deli & Grocery Deli & Small Grocery 601 Central Ave
146 Cooper Grocery Corp. Deli & Small Grocery 146 Cooper St
Hemp Lab Hemp, Medicinals & Community 637 Wilson Ave
The Gas Station 420 Hemp, Medicinals & Community 635 Central Ave
Unruly Collective Art Collective, Gallery, Live Music 200 Cooper St
La Mia Meat Market Meat Market 854 Knickerbocker Ave
Lantern Tatoo Tattoos 504 Wilson Ave
Lil Baby's Bushwick Tattoos 504 Wilson Ave
Healthy Blends Juice Bar 514 Wilson Ave
Botanica Ochuns Ile Spiritual / Religious Goods Store 574 Wilson Ave
J Lopez Dry Cleaners Dry Cleaners 619A Wilson Ave
Rimco Pharmacy Pharmacy 623 Wilson Ave
Bushwick Post Shipping Center 620 Wilson Ave
Nat's Hardware Hardware Store 576 Wilson Ave
Lurkshop! Motorcycle Service, Parking & Community 698 Central Ave Unit 2
Galaxy Wireless Cellular Technology Store 604 Wilson Ave
Aceve2 Wireless Cellular Technology Store 565 Wilson Ave
Flores de Amor Flowers & Plants 570 Wilson Ave
F&H Nail Salon Nail Salon 582 Wilson Ave
Halsey Buy $ Sell Buy & Sell Store 563 Wilson Ave
Fenixmar Solutions Tax & Money Services 619 Wilson Ave
Convenience Corp Smoke Shop 855 Knickerbocker Ave
Alex Discount Smoke Shop 506 Wilson Ave
Gas City Smoke Shop 534 Wilson Ave
Smokers Hub Smoke Shop 601 Wilson Ave
Pop's Convenience Smoke Shop 615 Wilson Ave